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Patriot Mounts LLC

Packaged Mount Instructions




U.S. Patent No. 10,210,780

Additional Patents Pending


INSTRUCTIONS - A (black & white) copy will also be packaged with each mount.

  #1776002L     or      #1776001R


Make sure you have proper work space and the motorcycle is In Gear and securely stabilized on its kickstand with the handlebars turned far to the left or with a proper motorcycle jack if one is available. The motorcycle should be on a level and hard surface.

We Advise: Reading the entire installation instructions and gathering the few tools you will need BEFORE you began installation so that no steps are missed and the mounting is performed properly.

SERVICE PARTS: Included in your Patriot Mount Kit

Item Qty. Description
Patriot Mount 1 Mount - w/Rain cap
Parts packets 2  See Below
Bolts 3/8" x 1" x 16 2 New socket head cap screw bolts
Spring lock washers 3/8" 2 New lock washers
Flat washers 10 mm 2 New flat washers
Flagpole sizing band 1 - 30' roll Applied during flagpole sizing - later 

 TOOLS REQUIRED: for correct installation:

                Tools                                                        To Assist with:

  • 5/16” “L” shaped Allen wrench *                                    Removal OE footpeg & Installing Patriot Mount
  • ¼” “L” shaped Allen wrench * @                                    Applies to models w/footboards only.
  • Small nylon or wire round bore tube brush                Almost any small caliber tube brush will do to clean threads.

    3/8” ratchet and 5/16” Allen socket may be needed to loosen OE part initially.

@    3/8” ratchet and ¼” Allen socket may be needed to loosen OE part initially.

 4 Easy Step - Installation:

 1. Remove socket head cap bolts from original equipment footpeg or footboard.

 2. Clean frame 1st & 3rd threaded holes (from the top hole down)  with nylon or wire bore brush to remove any rust, old thread lock residue, metal burring or rust so that new bolts can be easily and correctly installed. (Do not oil threads)

 3. After installing a new spring-lock washer on the provided new bolt (first) & then a flat washer on the new bolt (second) hold your Patriot Mount up to mounting surface of frame, aligning the mounting holes of your Patriot Mount with the 1st & 3rd threaded mounting holes (top down) on the frame. Make sure they align and the new mount does not interfere or forcefully touch any other critical components or accessories on your bike. Install the first new bolt w/washers in the 3rd hole 1st, then the top hole 2nd. Repeat this order for both left and right side Pad mounts. (Hand tighten only)

 4. (The bolts should start and screw in without forceful resistance) The 5/16” “L” shaped Allen wrench should be used to secure firmly*. This operation is to ensure there is no cross-threading which could cause damage to the frame bolt holes.

     * Using the “L” shaped 5/16” Allen wrench takes a little longer but is easier to access cap screw properly without scratching any paint or chrome surfaces.

  • SPECIAL NOTE: You can apply Blue medium thread locker if you wish. But because you are using a spring lock washer where before it had none, you can skip the thread locker. We have driven these mounts without thread locker for thousands of miles and have had no issues. Just make sure you always use your spring lock washers. If you leave your mount on your bike most of the time, it’s advisable to make sure its tight and secure at regular intervals and return mount rubber rain cover provided with mount.
  • SPECIAL MOUNTING NOTE: Models 93-2008 - When attaching the mount to your bike or trike, you should hold the mount up to the frame, aligning the mounting holes of the mount to the 1st & 3rd frame holes and hand tightening the bolts at the same time. This will draw the mount up to the frame evenly. This is important because models 93-2008 have a "Swing Arm" bolt head that is present on these models that is not present on models 2009 -2019. Then tighten in alternating fashion as if you would the lug nuts on a car wheel until fully tightened evenly to the frame.

 Installation of your Patriot Mount is now complete!

Warning:  Your Patriot Mount is an added accessory and is NOT INTENDED to be a replacement for any Original Equipment Manufactured part. Your mount is NOT a passenger footrest or footpeg. If you ever engage or plan the transportation of a passenger, the OE footpeg should be reinstalled before riding or serious injury or death could occur. The Patriot Mount will allow you to install most OE passanger footboards on top of the mount so a passanger can be safely transported.

 Flag Pole Sizing & Installation:      2 Easy Steps!

Tools required for Installation: To assist with:
Sharp Scissors Cut sizing band
Black Sharpie Mark flagpole
30' roll sizing band Create sizing ring on pole to fit mount

Your “Patriot Mount” is uniquely designed to accommodate various size diameter poles up to 1-5/16". You do this simply by sizing the pole base to the mount. It’s important to note that the standard size of most flagpoles is a 1” OD. When using a wooden flagpole, its best to maintain this 1” diameter OD. Larger wooden poles can add a lot of weight and could possibly damage the mount. See our section of the site for details of "Making Proper Flagpoles For This Mount". Build specs include specific types of woods best suited for this activity at increased speeds and other sites to help you find the materials. Your Patriot Mount is also supplied with a heavy rubber bumper attached inside the bottom of the mount to reduce vibration to pole and to allow you to carry a 3 D-cell Maglite for evening rides in case light is ever needed.


1. Make sure your flagpole is clean and dry regardless of material…..(figure #1) Starting about ¼” inch from the bottom of your flagpole, wrap the sizing band provided around the pole (Neatly on top of itself) to increase the poles diameter (figure #2) until it fits securely in the base of your Patriot Mount. If you need to add or remove band to adjust the size as you go, you can easily do so by simply cutting small pieces of the band with a pair of scissors and remove excess or add a piece of band until the pole fits without slack. Make sure the pole moves in and out of the mount without any excess slack. Important: You want achieve that perfect fit! It’s recommended that you actually over-wrap the sizing band on the pole and remove and cut small pieces from the band until the pole fits perfectly.

2. With the flagpole fully inserted, touching the bottom of the Patriot Mount. (figure #3) mark the outside of your pole with a sharpie approx. ¼” inch below the top edge of the mount as a reference point. Remove the pole from the Patriot Mount and start the 2nd sizing band (figure #4) a little below your reference mark. Make sure that the sizing band is fully inside the mount when put in place. Use the same technique (figure #5) you used in Step #1 to add or remove band until your flagpole is secure but can be installed or removed without being too tight a fit but snug! (figure #6)  Again, that perfect fit is important! It’s recommended that you actually over-wrap the sizing band on the pole and remove and cut small pieces from the band until the pole fits perfectly but snug.


                              #1                                             #2                                   #3


                              #4                                   #5                                   #6

polewrap4.jpg polewrap5.jpg polewrap6.jpg


You will have additional banding to add a center support ring if you like!

To copy detailed instructions: Print in "Landscape" layout.

Sizing of your flagpole is now complete!


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