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Patriot Mounts LLC

Making Proper Flagpoles for this mount






U.S. Patent No. 10,210,780

Additional Patents Pending


“Making Proper Flagpoles for this mount”

 “At higher speeds, inexpensive, sectional, swivel or telescoping poles can be damaged and dangerous to other riders or damage your bike.”

Quality Custom Flagpoles, Toppers and Hardware:

Although Patriot Mounts LLC does not sell flagpoles, toppers or connecting hardware, we have done extensive research for our customers who choose to make their own custom poles for their Patriot Mounts.

We Advise: Reading the entire building instructions and gathering the few tools and materials you will need BEFORE you begin construction of your flag pole is advised so that no steps are missed and the pole performs properly.

The pole:

You can purchase quality dowel wood rods from (Click-Moldings then Click-Hardwood Dowel Rods then Click-Hickory). We recommend 7’ foot - 1” OD (Outside diameter) hickory dowels for these larger flags at our stated maximum speed, and removing about 9” off the bottom "after" the pole has been stained, varnished and measured to the height of your individual bike. This will ensure that neither flag left nor right side will touch the ground while the bike is stopped or on the kickstand (see tip below about cutting below). Spend time searching the net if you like but we have already done this work and Baird Brothers is the only company in the country we found that had the proper product.

Pole Alternative:    Home Depot

Although we recommend the materials above because they have gone through extensive road testing. Home Depot does carry an Oak Closet dowel pole that should be acceptable. It is located in the "Decor Department". You would also need to sand down the top of this pole to a rounded shape, leave the end flat or reduce the tip to 1" before staining, varnishing or painting (watch Youtube link below). Toppers are not available for this size dowel. The only advantage here is there is no shipping but the disadvantage is that there is no topper available unless you can have the pole end reduced to 1".

Tip: If you, or someone you know has a table saw, you can reduce the tip of this dowell rod from Home Depot to 1" so the Acorn topper will fit...  

Copy and paste the following link to your Search Bar...It shows you how!


Home Depot Brand:    EVERBUILT

Material: Oak

Length:   8'

OD:        1-5/16"

Part#     #0000-315-788

Price:     $25.98

Lowe's: Lowe's carries a similar pole but it's made of "Poplar" which is not recommended.

Tip: There are a few harder woods than hickory but because of its growth structure it allows proper flexibility and strength for this application.

Tip: Do the drilling for the hardware before staining or varnishing. 


Drilling flagpole holes: 

1. Measure from the end you decide will be the top of your flagpole, 3” down the pole and mark with a black Sharpie “Dot”.

2. At the center of the first “Dot”, measure down the pole 38 and 3/4” and make a second black Sharpie “Dot”. Make sure they are inline with each other on the pole.

3. Secure the pole so that it will not turn as you perform the punching and drilling steps.

4. Using a punch, at the marked “Dots” use a hammer to punch the “Dots” by striking the punch once or twice. This will keep your drill from slipping off the pole as you drill. Again, making sure the pole is secure.

5. Using a ¼” drill bit, slowly “drill straight” all the way through the center at the punch marks. It’s very important that this drilled hole is centered through the pole. (Do not wallow the drill hole.) Repeat this procedure on the second marked point making sure the holes are inline and centered.

6. Hand sand the holes & the entire pole removing any splinters or rough areas using 400-800 grit sandpaper. Wipe the pole with a damp cloth to remove dust.

7. Staining: We used an old T-shirt.

8. Use a small picture hanger eyelet, sheet metal screw, etc. at the top of the pole (You may need to use an ice pick to center and get these eyelets started as the hickory is very hard.) and wire or strong string to hang the pole/poles from some structure in the garage or area that has good ventlation so the pole/poles can hang for a day or two while drying.

9. Varnishing: Varnish the pole/poles from the TOP DOWN with a small natural bristle brush. We hung our pole/poles from the wood frame of the pull-down attic stairway using a small nail around which we could wrap the wire or string.

10. Let dry completly. This may take a day or so depending on your weather conditions.

11. Second Coat proceedure: After completly dry... lightly sand, wipe clean and repeat.

Alternative to Staining & Varnishing: Some customers like to paint their poles with a good quality black enamel, greatly reducing the time it takes to stain & varnish. It looks great as well!

Trimming Pole: Make measurements for your specific bike (BEFORE) cutting the pole. Cutting any extra length off the pole/poles should be the LAST part of the build. With your Patriot Mount on the bike and on the kickstand, with handlebars turned all the way to the Marching left and your flag on the pole as a guide, measure and reduce the length of the pole in small increments by using a good hacksaw blade for a clean cut. Always making sure as you go that the Flag NEVER touches the ground during this process. We left approx. 6" from the bottom tip of the flag to the ground while on the kickstand.

Important Tip: The shorter your pole/poles when flying your flag/flags, the more stable the pole will be at higher speeds.


The Brass Acorn Toppers:

The 1” ID (Inside diameter) solid brass acorn toppers we use can be purchased at (On their Home page, go to.."Flag Poles & Hardware" then to.."Indood & Parade" Item #14095-116 $9.80 ea). Attaching the toppers after staining, varnishing and drying can be accomplished simply by pushing the acorn topper on to the 1" pole top. Make sure it's the correct end, the acorn topper has cleats inside the topper so it won't come off. Should you ever need to replace it, it will take some elbow grease. Be careful bumping the topper on the floor or hard surface, it will dent!


The Pole Hardware for attaching the flag:  On a 1” OD (Outside diameter) hickory pole, we use 2 (nut-end eye bolts) ¼” x 2-1/2” to attach the flag to the pole. We also use steel Quick Links (pictured below) to attach the flag to the eyelets. Use your choice of washers and nuts from your hardware store to secure and space the eyelets to the pole. Home Depot has a new chrome section if you would like to really dress it up. (We have listed the quantity and part numbers below for your convenience.)

Actual size...2" x 1" x 6/32" thick.







You can also find other small designs at almost any hardware or Walmart. These links are useful because you may find, as we did, that all 3’x5’ flags are NOT exactly 3’x5’ and if you custom make your poles, as we do, you may have to attach the flag to the pole eyelets by adding an additional clip or use a different "Closed Version" clip, depending on the flag maker.


Home Depot        
Qty. per pole Item Brand Size Part #
2 Eye Bolt Everbuilt 1/4" x 2-1/2" 626-223
2 Chrome Acorn Nuts Everbuilt 1/4" x 20 381-742
4 Banded Sealing Washer Everbuilt 1/4" 597-702
2 Flat Washer - Zinc Everbuilt 6mm 595-335
2 Lock Washer Everbuilt M6 595-593
2 Quick Link - Attach Flag Everbuilt 3/16" 436-526
2 Eye Bolt Hillman 1/4" x 2-1/2" 422416
2 Stainless Steel Acorn Nuts Hillman 1/4" x 20 16438
4 Banded Sealing Washers Hillman 1/4" 59191
2 Flat Washer - Zinc Hillman 6mm 138075
2 Lock Washer Hillman 6mm 138077
2 Quick Link - Attach Flag Blue Hawk 3/16" 0348555

We use:    

400-800 grit sandpaper before staining.

Stain – Varathane wood stain – color - Golden Mahogany.

Spar Urethane Varnish – Helmsman “Indoor/Outdoor”  Clear Satin.

“0000” steel wool between coats – wipe w/damp cloth.

Varnish and once completely dry, steel wool, wipe & add 2nd coat.

Other brand names of varnish and stain can be used. I got mine at Home Depot.

Tip: We usually let the pole dry a few days after the 2nd coat of varnish to allow the varnish to completely dry and harden. Always varnish from the top, down.


Order of build:        

  • Purchase correct pole length
  • Purchase correct hardware, stain, varnish, sand paper, steel wool
  • Purchase toppers
  • Sand poles, Drill ¼” inch holes “BEFORE” you stain! with old cloth
  • Steel wool, damp wipe, varnish – 1st coat
  • Steel wool, damp wipe, varnish – 2nd coat
  • Install hardware, quick links, flag
  • Cut any unneeded length of pole off bottom using mount installed on bike and bike on kickstand
  • Hacksaw works best for this cut as not to splinter wood


Important Note about Flags: "You get what you pay for" When ever possible, buy the best flag you can afford.  In a few words, "It Lasts Longer." (On their Home page, go to.."U.S. Flags" then to.."Outdoor & Parade" then to ""Tough All-Weather" We suggest the 3'X5' TOUGH-TEX® BY ANNIN Item #2710  $44.00 ea). It's rated for Very High Winds. 


 Just call us if you have any questions! 

210-854-1430  USA
Find Us On Facebook @  Patriot Mounts LLC

To copy detailed instructions: Print in "Landscape" layout. 

Important Safety Warnings 

Warning:  On days that the wind is consistently high, gusting or unpredictable, Patriot Mounts LLC unequivocally advises NOT to fly our or any other large flag system from your bike or trike. These conditions would be dangerous to the rider. Patriot Mounts LLC cannot and will not assume any responsibility for damages of any kind, injury or death. The rider understands that they assume all responsibility when operating a motorized vehicle when Patriot Mount LLC products are in use. Read additional safety warnings on our "Features, Benefits and Safety Warnings" page.

Damage Warning:  If you build your own quality flag pole or use another, it's important to note that driving into a garage or other structures with your flag poles in their mounts could be taller than the opening of that structure and could cause damage to the newly built pole, mount, motorcycle or the structure itself.  Always remember to install your flag poles ONLY after you have your bike or trike OUTSIDE the structure! And remove the poles when returning home from the ride BEFORE riding the bike or trike back into the structure!


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